Fence building

A light-construction electric fence that provides seasonal protection for agricultural lands. The 3 x 3 x 160 cm acacia posts are secured with insulators that hold 3 (in some instances 4) strands of electric fence wire (a highly visible electric tape 13 or 20 mm in width may be used as the upper strand upon request). The 5 x 5 x 210 cm acacia end and corner posts stabilise the construction and allow for tensioning by sections. The protected area may be entered through a spring-loaded electric gate equipped with insulated handles. The height of the fence is 110 cm, the lower strand is 25-30 cm from the ground and the middle strand is of equal distance between the upper and lower strands. This fence system may be ordered in a 4-strand and 1 highly visible electric tape version as well. The fence is powered by plug-in or in some cases solar battery chargers. More than 1,000 km of our light-construction 3-strand fences have been installed all over the country.