Fence building

1.6 m in height above ground mesh-type fence. The 12-15 x 300 cm long corner and end posts are driven into the ground by a hydraulic post driver to the appropriate depth (80 - 100 cm). The insulators attached to the posts hold the 2 strands of HT (high-tensile) 2.5 mm TORNADO steel wire and 1 strand of highly visible electric tape along with a 127 cm in height TORNADO TL 10/127/15 wire mesh. The 3 x 5 x 160 cm horizontal rails and the 5 x 5 x 210 cm ground-driven posts are supposed to maintain the tensioned line of wire and to follow the uneven surface of the ground. The horizontal rails are equipped with ISOCAP tape insulators and the line posts with ring insulators according to the wire measurements, thereby creating a 100 % insulated system.